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First, let me say that I have been so-o-o fortunate in my covers. I just hope the books keep the promises the covers make.

New US cover

New US cover

The Warrior Heir cover

Original US cover

New US Cover

This cover was refreshed and restyled in 2013 in honor of the release of the fourth Heir Chronicles novel, The Enchanter Heir.

Original US cover

This was my very first book cover, done entirely by the designers at Hyperion. The sword is a Photoshopped image. This does everything a book cover is supposed to do. I’ve sat at a table at a bookfair and watched customers make a sharp right-angle turn and beeline for the book. The other great thing about it is that it is suitable for all ages. Nobody need feel embarrassed about carrying it around.

Brazilian cover looks just like the US cover

Brazilian cover

Brazilian cover - o Herdeiro Guerreiro

The Brazilian (Portguese language) cover for The Warrior Heir is identical to the US cover, with the addition of the publisher's lighthouse trademark.

The UK cover is blue with a flaming sword

UK cover

United Kingdom cover

UK artist Larry Rostant designed the cover for the Orion-Indigo edition of The Warrior Heir. Larry did the art for all my other books in the US except The Warrior Heir. This is definitely among my favorites.

Spanish cover - El Guerrero Heredero

Spanish cover

Spanish cover - El Guerrero Heredero

This is the Spanish cover for The Warrior Heir. Interesting take on Jack, who is described as having “reddish-blond hair” in the books. And the armor looks a little medieval. But I generally assume that book designers overseas know what appeals to their audiences.

Dutch cover sword with a silhouette of a young man and woman

Dutch cover

Dutch Cover - De Erfgenaam van het Zwaard

The publisher is Luitingh, who released the Seven Realms series in the Netherlands. The title translates to The Heir of the Sword. This released 2.1.11, and The Wizard Heir is set for 5.11.

German cover of The Warrior Heir

German cover

German cover - Das Erbe der Krieger

This armor is spectacular on the German cover.

Russian text, sword with a large ruby in the handle

Russian cover

Russian Cover

The Heir series is now out in Russia! The Russian cover is similar to the US cover, but with a slightly different sword.

Warrior Heir CD cover

Audio CD cover

Again, this cover makes one wonder if the designer read the book. Contemporary high school student Jack has a rather medieval peasant look here.