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Characters in The Heir Chronicles

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Name Description
Barber, Warren Alumnus of the Havens
Bayoumi, Emi Healer who works in the Dispensary at the Anchorage
Benning, Lucile Night nurse at Safe Harbor
Bolingame, Iris Glass artist; resident of Trinity
Booker, Millicent (Min) Grandmother of Madison Moss
Boykin, Tyler Greenwood Emma’s father, a sorcerer and guitarist
Brodie, Jeanette Sorcerer-healer, survivor of Thorn Hill
Brooks, Jeremiah Jack’s sparring partner from 18th century America
Burroughs, Granville Wizard, ambitious assassin member of the Black Rose
Butterfield, Mose Seer savant, Thorn Hill survivor, lead guitarist and singer, Fault Tolerant
Childers, Ross Police officer in Trinity; uncle to Will Childers
Childers, Will Best friend of Jack Swift’s; good friend of Ellen Stephenson’s; nephew to Ross Childers, a police detective
Conroy, Peter Alumnus of the Havens; heavyset, nervous, glasses, suffers from asthma
DeMint, Cameron Apprentice in The Black Rose, wizard
DeVries, Andrew Wizard and founder of the Black Rose, a syndicate of gifted assassins
DeVries, Rachel Wizard, daughter of Andrew, younger sister of Rowan, in training with the Black Rose
DeVries, Rowan Wizard, son of Andrew DeVries, wizard; reactivates the Black Rose in response to wizard killings
Diaz, Natalie A gifted healer savant who can spot disorders through the skin. Drummer of Fault Tolerant.
Downey, Becka Mother of Jack Swift; teaches literature at Trinity College and practices law
Downey, Linda Aunt to Jack Swift; sister to Becka Downey
D'Orsay, Claude Master of the Games for the Wizard Council; plots with Leicester to take over the Guilds
D'Orsay, Devereaux Son of Claude D'Orsay
Dugard, Jarrett Thorn Hill survivor savant. European shadeslayer; ability with languages
Eggars, Wayne Alumnus of the Havens, physician in the clinic there
Elliott, Graham Wizard, apprentice in The Black Rose
Fitch, Harmon Friend of Jack and Will; computer systems expert for Trinity High School
Fortenay, Therese Savant, Thorn Hill survivor, slayer of French-Canadian background, assigned to Europe
Foster, Mercedes Weaver; resident of Trinity
Greaves, Lilith Sorcerer, killed at Thorn Hill; a shade who is organizing shades to take revenge on mainliners
Greenwood, Emma Claire A sorcerer savant, Thorn Hill survivor, with a gift for making and playing musical instruments that can drive emotion and control behavior
Greenwood, Sonny Lee Sorcerer, luthier in Memphis, Claire’s paternal grandfather
Hackleford, Brooke Wizard, daughter of Nancy Hackleford, apprenticed to the Black Rose
Hackleford, Nancy Wizard, assassin member of the Black Rose
Haley, Jason Student at the Havens with Seth McCauley
Hall, Martin Alumnus, vintner for Second Sister
Hanlon, Aaron Alumnus of the Havens; handsome, articulate, a trusted assistant to Gregory Leicester
Hardesty Wizard with the Black Rose
Harkness, Jay Friend of Garrett Lobeck; player on the Trinity High School soccer team
Hart, Gwyneth  
Hastings, Leander Teacher to Jack Swift; former lover of Linda Downey
Hays, Bruce Alumnus of the Havens
Highbourne, Blaise Silversmith; resident of Trinity
Houghton, Denis An attorney with the firm of Sloane, Houghton, & Smythe, Seph's legal guardian
Hudson, Hilary Wizard; mother of one of the kidnapped mainliner children from Trinity (Alistair)
Hughes, John Alumnus of the Havens; systems expert for the school
Joplin, Mike Shadeslayer; a savant who reflects wizard charms back at them; LA based
King, Kenyon Alumnus of the Havens; phys ed teacher
Kinlock, Jonah Enchanter savant, Thorn Hill survivor, whose family was killed in the attack on Thorn Hill; now a Nightshade assassin
Kinlock, Kenzie Younger brother of Jonah, fragile, telekinetic, a gifted composer and computer hacker
Leicester, Gregory Headmaster at the Havens
Leonard, Bruce Friend of Garrett Lobeck; player on the Trinity High School soccer team
Lobeck, Garrett Football star and Trinity town bully
Longbranch, Jessamine Procurer of warriors for the White Rose
Mandrake, Gabriel Sorcerer, rock promoter, club owner, founder of the Anchorage, a school for damaged Weir; a gift for creating ink art that protects and controls others
McCartney, Ray Lawyer in Coalton County, in love with Carlene Moss
McCauley, Joseph
Orphan with a mysterious past
Middleton, Alicia (Leesha) Former girlfriend of Jack Swift
Morrison, Sylvia Seer, mother of Olivia Morrison, one of the children kidnapped from Trinity
Moss, Carlene Mother of Madison Moss; waitress in Coalton County
Moss, Grace Younger daughter of Carlene, sister of Madison Moss; lives on Booker Mountain in Coalton County
Moss, John Robert Son of Carlene; brother of Madison Moss; lives on Booker Mountain in Coalton County
Moss, Madison Art student from southern Ohio; works at the Legends Coffee House
Penworthy, Leotis Principal, Trinity High School
Perez, Ramon Physical therapist at the Anchorage
Rice, Ashton Alumnus of the Havens; music teacher
Richardson, Elliott Alumnus of the Havens; teaches mathematics at the school
Roper, Brice Son of the owner of Roper Coal; neighbor of Madison Moss in Coalton County
Roper, Bryson Owner of Roper Coal, wealthy businessman
Severino, Rudy Sorcerer savant, gifted with digital systems; plays keyboards and vocals, Fault Tolerant; in a relationship with Natalie Diaz
Shaw, Alison Warrior savant and Thorn Hill survivor; Nightshade assassin whose family was murdered by the Black Rose; fading
Silkie Asian slayer, operative for Nightshade
Snowbeard, Nicodemus Caretaker; teacher to Joseph McCauley and Jack Swift
Somerset Wizard with the Black Rose
Stephenson, Ellen High school student; new to Trinity, OH; volunteer soccer coach
Struthers, Rachel Cousin of Madison Moss; owner of the Legends Inn
Swift, Jackson High school student in Trinity, Ohio
Swift, Thomas Jack’s father, lives in Boston
Thorne, Margo Wizard, apprentice with the Black Rose
Weed, Dimitri Sorcerer, sleek and appealing. Independent skin art therapist.
Witcraft, Martha Nurse practitioner at the Dispensary
Wylie, Geoffrey Killed Leander Hastings’s family; warrior master