Cinda Williams Chima

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Author Visit Feedback

Cinda's workshop was so well organized that she was able to cover a range of information in that hour and fifteen minutes. Notes from her class will be the starting point in beginning to understand writing fantasy for me.

I'm not currently doing any writing for the children' market so I couldn't tell you why I decided to go to Cinda's session. She captured my attention immediately and I was so impressed with the amount and the quality of information and writing practice she squeezed into her allotted time.

Doris Larson, Organizer

In the Company of Women Writer's Retreat

Thank you for visiting our MS/US Literary Fest on March 30th. The students in the workshops loved you, and their teacher Margaret Floyd said your instruction and activities were at the perfect level for the 6th graders.The faculty feedback was equally positive about the presentation, and the excitement your book has created among the middle school spread from the students to the teachers. We all look forward to The Wizard Heir, and the possibility of working together soon.

Teresa Diaz

Middle School/Upper School Librarian
St. Mary's Hall
San Antonio, Tx

On behalf of students from Springfield Intermediate and Springfield Local High schools, I would like to thank you for bringing Cinda Williams Chima in for the author visit during Teen Read Week. She did a wonderful job through her PowerPoint presentation telling her listeners about the ins and outs of fantasy fiction writing and publishing. Thank you so much—we thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Barb Ade, High School Media Specialist

Springfield Schools

HI: THANK YOU very much for the invitation to listen to Cinda Chima. Our students (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. English teachers were pleased that she, an authentic author, was reinforcing the concepts they had just presented in their short story units! Thank you again from Poland Middle School.

Karen Russo, Librarian

Poland Middle School

Dear Cinda,

I'm sure you could tell from the group's enthusiastic response, that everyone really appreciated your informative and entertaining talk. We've had some very good speakers, but never such a professional presentation.

Thanks again Cinda. You were definitely a big hit with us!

I'll keep reading your column in the PD and looking forward to your next book in the spring!

Susan DiSalvo
West Side Writer

Dear Cinda,

Thanks so much for a wonderful presentation here at Coventry Library. Everyone enjoyed the talk and your handling of the great variety of questions; I can tell you are a teacher as well as a writer. Thanks also for "Warrior Heir." It's a great read, and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.


Patricia K. Gray, Branch Manager
Coventry Village Branch
Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library

I attended a presentation given by Cinda Chima concerning her fantasy novel The Warrior Heir, and wanted to express my pleasure and delight at having the opportunity to listen to Ms. Chima as well as ask her questions about writing and publishing.

Her presentation was accessible for everyone in the audience from the twelve-year olds to the forty-year olds (like me!). She offered some basic ideas for writing children's and fantasy literature as well as sharing with us the experience many of us hope for - working with a publisher!

Please continue to sponsor these wonderful, insightful meetings.

SL, Solon

Hi, Cinda--

I loved the incorporation of interactive presentation and fantasy writing workshop. I was amazed at the apparent ease with which you guided the almost 60 7th graders and their teachers into writing their own fantasy. By the end of your visit, every student had a workable draft, and a solid understanding of the elements readers require for a story to be judged "good".

Heidi Connolly
Secondary Gifted Services
Brunswick City Schools
Brunswick, Ohio

Cinda Williams Chima has recently presented to teens at several branches of Cleveland Public Library. The teen audience became immediately engaged at her explanation of how she constructed the setting, plot and characters that appear in her book, Warrior Heir. Because they were so interested in her talk, the teens made her pause in her presentation and eagerly asked questions such as, "Where do you get your ideas?", "Did you give Jack total power?" Cinda was able to reach teens who had not read the book and interest them in the writing process and inform them of how difficult it is to become a published author. It is a wonderful experience to witness our teens being able to connect in an almost one-on-one situation with a real author.

Rollie Welch
Young Adult Librarian
Youth Services
Cleveland Public Library

Student Feedback

We weren't falling asleep because we were involved in the presentation, we were writing, talking, asking questions, etc.

I liked that she went through all of the story elements. It helped me to get a better understanding of writing.

I liked how she explained step by step how you get ideas for a book to how to publish it

I really liked being able to create a fantasy book because it made me really think about writing.

I liked being able to create our own character, setting, and plot.

Mrs. Chima’s presentation made professional writing seem more real and enjoyable than 12 years of English class ever did.