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Booklist Review The Sorcerer Heir
REVIEW. First published November 5, 2014 (Booklist Online).

Emma, who distrusts police, is caught in the middle of a wizard murder investigation that implicates enchanter-warrior savant Jonah, for whom she has growing feelings. The murder, a cover for deeper agendas, escalates tensions between wizards and those they formerly oppressed, but alliances are in play and treachery is afoot. The chords (pun intended) binding and sustaining this well-paced narrative are the authentic relationships between characters that are deeply engaging to readers. As Chima wraps up an arc within the Heir Chronicles series, plot knots are neatly resolved and lovers united, and yet there is a hint that still more may come. – Cindy Welch

Akron Beacon Journal Review - The Sorcerer Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
Reviewed by Barbara McIntyre

Chagrin Falls author concludes fantasy series for teen readers

The Sorcerer Heir, the slamming conclusion to Chagrin Falls author Cinda William Chima’s five-volume fantasy series for teen readers, finds hope for recovery and reconciliation from the Thorn Hill massacre 10 years before. Only a small group of children survived the environmental catastrophe in a Brazilian community of magical people.

As with the previous books in the series, there is a lot of violence for a book with a recommended age range that starts at 12, but it includes messages about genocide, the process of death and grieving, and responsibility. Most of the young people in the story, in fact, are far more responsible and genuine than the adults.

The Sorcerer Heir (548 pages, hardcover) costs $18.99 from Hyperion. Chima also wrote the Seven Realms fantasy series.