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Shadowcaster hardback cover

US hardback cover

Starting with the Flamecaster paperback and continuing with the Shadowcaster hardback, the covers of my Shattered Realms series will feature some of my kick-ass characters. The final cover of Shadowcaster, illustrated by artist Alessandro Taini, features warrior princess Alyssa ana’Raisa (Lyss) against a snowcape. Think shieldmaiden.

Shadowcaster cover

US galley cover

Following on to the hardback Flamecaster cover, Sasha Vinogravida and designer Erin Fitzsimmons developed a stunner of a sequel! Once again, the central motif is a magemark. In the background is the city of Chalk Cliffs, the queendom’s only deepwater port on the Indio, and the scene of lots of action in book 2. This cover has been replaced by the cover above.