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The Runestone Saga is set in a Viking world after Ragnarok, the great war between the gods and the forces of chaos. The Midlands are a dangerous place, teeming with refugees from the nine worlds — demons, outlaws, ice wolves, jotun, and the dragur, the walking dead.

Map of the Midlands

Small map showing three islands
Click the map for a printable pdf.

This gorgeous map made by cartographer Kevin Sheehan of shows three major islands, Eimyrja, Ithavol, and Muckelholm, and several smaller islands that make up the Midlands.

Viking ships

A Viking longship with shields on the sides A smaller Viking ship for 2 or 3 people
The Sea Stallion from Glendalough at the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, DK.
Jarl Rikhard Karlsen uses a longship crewed my many men.
A smaller ship at the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, DK.

Eiric Halvorsen uses a karvi crewed by two or three people, one in a pinch. The Wyrdspinners use a larger karvi with room for passengers and cargo.


Runes are the letters in a set of runic alphabets used to write various Germanic languages before they were transcribed to modern the Latin alphabet. The earliest runic inscriptions were used from approximately 150 AD until about 700 AD in central Europe and 1100 AD in Northern Europe.

Individual runes are sometimes used for divination, like Tarot cards, and given special meanings.

Here are some of the runes used by Reggin Eiklund.

Name Image Meaning Function or Purpose
Algiz Algiz rune

Literally: elk

Confers divine protection
Protection, safety, spirituality

Blodkyn Blood kin

Rune used for extracting power from others, especially through blood sacrifice

Created for Runestone Saga

Dagaz Dagaz rune

Day or dawn.

Hope and happiness

Eihwaz Eihwaz rune

Literal: Yew
Esoteric: Yggdrasil or Kundalini

endurance, longevity

Fehu Fehu rune

Literal: cattle
Phoneme: F.
Meaning: wealth

Wealth, luck, new beginnings, prosperity
Energy, dynamic power

Hagalaz Hagalaz rune

Meaning (literal) hail
Destruction, chaos

Severe weather
Catastrophe, crisis
Acceptance, surrender, opportunity
Disruption, change

or Yngvi
Ingwaz rune Older name for the god Freyr

God of summer, of the sun and rain
Of fertility, virility, hard work and reward, prosperity
A deity of love, sexuality and fertility, representing masculine potency in particular.

Isa Isa rune

Literal: ice
Stasis, stillness

Concentration, will and focus
Kenaz Kenaz rune

Rune of knowledge
Ken or knowledge

Kenaz represents a torch, symbolizing the domesticated fire.
Brings light into the darkness, the light of the Knowledge. Kenaz is a rune of learning and teaching,

Used to loosen the web of fate; dangerous and unpredictable. Can be used to raise the gods

To loosen, untie, unfasten, unravel, untie, loosen; depart; purchase; redeem; tear; conceal a thing; 

Created for Runestone Saga

Lykill ykill rune


Opens locked doors, solves puzzles

Created for Runestone Saga

Naudhiz Naudhiz rune

Literally: Need-fire

Unfulfilled desire
Need, resistance, constraint, conflict, drama, effort, necessity, urgency, hard work, need-fire, life lessons, creative friction, distress, force of growth, the consequence of past action, short term pain for long term gain

Raidho Raidho rune Meaning: ride, journey

Rune for safe journeys, finding the right path, taking charge, being in control, initiative, adventure
Street-smarts, common sense

Sowilo Sowilo rune Meaning: sun

Success, solace
Victory, guidance, mastery

Svefnthorn Svefnthorn runes, 4 versions Thorn of sleep ‘Thorn of sleep; a Norse symbol that could put an adversary to sleep from which he wouldn’t awaken for a long time.
Thurisaz Thurisaz rune

Thor’s rune
Giant, ogre, demon

Strong one, resistance
Destruction of enemies, curses binds and fetters
Awakening of the will to action
Breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind and spirit
Increased potency and prowess in romantic relationships
Danger, suffering

Uruz Uruz rune Literal: aurochs

Survival, endurance, physical health, stamina
Life force

Wyrd Wyrd rune Fate, destiny as woven by the norns

Fate, destiny; rune is a criss-cross pattern; a cross-hatch symbol, like a net. As one of the lesser-known Nordic symbols, the Web of Wyrd is a symbol in Norse mythology that represents the interconnectedness of past, present and future. According to the myth, the Web of Wyrd was woven by the Norns/Nornir, the Shapers of Destiny in Norse mythology.