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The Exiled Queen cover

US cover

German cover looks like the US cover

German cover

US cover
German cover - Das Exil der Königin

I love this cover, too. The centerpiece is Raisa’s running wolves ring against the Shivering Fens. Very atmospheric. It took a while to get the feel of the ring—I had in mind something with a bit of a Native American look to it.

The German cover is similar to the US cover with the addition of the

Spanish cover looks like the US cover

Spanish cover

Brazilian cover looks like the US cover

Brazilian cover

Spanish cover - La Reina Exiliada
Brazilian cover - A Rainha Exilada

The Spanish and Brazilian covers use the US artwork but rotated the text horizontally. The Spanish cover also uses a more ornate font.


French adult cover looks like the US cover

French cover - adult

French YA cover gold ring with blue smoke

French - young adult

French Covers - La Reine Exilée

The Seven Realms (Les Sept Royaumes) series is being released in two formats in France.

Bragelonne, the publisher of the adult series, kept the US cover image but substituted an ornate gold font for the title.

Castelmore, the publisher of the young adult series, commissioned new art that's similar to the US cover.


Italian cover looks like the US with a different background color.

Italian cover

Dutch cover - dragon staff and crystal ball

Dutch cover

Italian Cover - La Regina In Esilio

The Italian Publisher Fanucci Editore used a similar cover to other European publishers but changed the blue background to gray. They also deleted the filigree in the corners, and clearly marked the book as Y/A.

Dutch cover - Koningin in Ballingschap

This is almost the same art as Dutch cover of The Demon King, but the color of the crystal ball and the image within it are different.


Polish cover

Polish cover

UK cover - dragon staff and crystal ball

UK cover

Polish Cover - Wygnana Królowa
UK cover

The UK and Polish covers use the same artwork as the Dutch cover. The UK publisher added the dramatic stormy blue background.

Exiled Queen CD cover

Audio CD Cover

Basically the US cover on the CD wrapper.