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New US cover

New US cover

The Dragon Heir cover

Original US cover

New US cover

This cover was refreshed and restyled in 2013 in honor of the release of the fourth Heir Chronicles novel, The Enchanter Heir.

Original US cover

I love love love this cover byLarry Rostant. I love dragons, and by the time I wrote this book, I knew what I had to do—so I included a dragon stand for the Dragonheart amulet.

The Brazilian cover is identical to the US cover

Brazilian cover

UK cover

UK cover

Brazilian Cover

The Brazilian (Portguese language) cover for The Dragon Heir is identical to the US cover, with the addition of the publisher's lighthouse trademark.

UK cover

In the UK they added "New York Times Bestselling Author" at the top, and changed the filigree in the corners.


Cover with Wizard's staff and silhouettes of/ two people

Dutch cover

Dutch Cover

The Dutch cover for The Dragon Heir repeats the silhouette motif from the Warrior and Wizard Heir covers, but adds a new magical object.

German cover of The Dragon Heir

German cover

German Cover - Der Wille des Drachen

The German cover depicts Madison Moss as half dragon and half human.

Dragon Heir CD cover

Audio CD cover

Again, an unidentified object cover.