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The Demon King US cover

US cover

Spanish cover - El Rey Demonio

Spanish cover

US cover
Spanish cover - El Rey Demonio

Another Rostant stunner, I especially like the shiny bits. With this cover, we were all keen to have it resemble the Heir series enough that readers would identify it as mine, but I was keen to have it distinct enough that I didn’t get disappointed emails from readers looking for Jack and Seph. I think they did a good job of accomplishing that with the fantasy landscape in the background and the Seven Realms Novel on the cover. I’m glad Recorded Books decided to go with the original art this time.

Brazilian cover - O Rei Demonio

Brazilian cover


Brazilian cover - O Rei Demônio

Well, this is cool! O Rei Demônio (The Demon King) comes to Brazil in July. @sumadeletras produced this trailer.

French adult cover - Le Roi Demon

French cover - adult

French YA cover - Le Roi Demon

French - young adult

French Covers - Le Roi Démon

The Demon King is being released in two formats in France: as a Young Adult title from Castelmore and and as adult fiction from Bragelonne. Cool what they did with the color scheme on the Rostant art.

Dutch cover - Zwaite Kunst

Dutch cover


Dutch cover - De Demonenkoning

This is an interesting centerpiece. When I ask readers about this cover, they all love it, despite the fact that there is no object like this in the books. Ah, well, no one has complained to far.


Polish cover of The Demon King

Polish cover

UK cover

UK cover

Polish cover -Król Demon
UK cover

The Dutch, UK and Polish versions all use the same artwork.

German hardbound cover of The Demon King

German hardbound

German paperback cover of The Demon King

German paperback

German hardbound cover - Das Amuleti

I love this cover, and it is even more stunning “in person.” It has a real three-dimensional effect, a sense of entry into another world. Again, not strongly tied to story, but it makes the right promise.

German paperback cover - Das Amuleti

This cover is impactful, although the amulet does not resemble the one described in the story. Interestingly, the German publisher renamed the book, Das Amulett (The Amulet.)

The Demon King CD cover

Audio CD Cover

See my comments for the US and Spanish covers.