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Characters in The Seven Realms Series

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Name Place Description
Abbott, Talia Fells A Gray Wolf; Warrior cadet at Wien House
Abelard, Mina Oden’s Ford Dean of Mystwerk House, master in Han’s wizardry class
Abellon, Jezira Oden’s Ford Master of Mystwerk Guild House
Adoni Fens

Brother of Cadri, counselor to Dimitri of the Waterwalkers

Alister sul’Alger Fells Son of Hanalea and Alger, twin to Alyssa
Alister, Danel Fells Han Alister’s soldier father
Alister, Hanson Fells Gangleader and thief, resident of Ragmarket in Fellsmarch; known as “Cuffs” in Ragmarket and “Hunts Alone” by the Clans
Alister, Mari Fells Younger sister of Han Alister
Alister, Sali (Mam) Fells Mother of Han and Mari Alister
Althea Fells Former Queen of the Fells, one of the Spirit Mountains
Alyssa ana’Hanalea Fells Former Queen of the Fells, daughter of Hanalea, founder of the New Line of queens
Archer, Trey Fells A Gray Wolf; Warrior cadet at Wien House
Askell, Taim Oden’s Ford Master of Wien House, the school for Warriors at Oden’s Ford
Barkleigh, Mandy Fells Mistress of Kitchens, Fellsmarch Castle
Barlow Fells Sergeant at the West Wall
Barnhouse, Jak Fells Corporal in the Queen’s Guard under Mac Gillen
Bayar, Gavan Fells High Wizard of the Fells
Bayar, Fiona Fells Wizard and daughter of Gavan Bayar, twin to Micah Bayar
Bayar, Kinley Fells Wizard chosen by the Wizard Council to marry Hanalea; ancestor of Gavan Bayar
Bayar, Micah Fells Wizard and son of the High Wizard of the Fells; twin to Fiona 
Bird (Digging Bird, Night Bird) Fells Clan, Cousin of Hayden Fire Dancer, Demonai Warrior
Blackberry, Dori Fells Dedicate at South Bridge Temple, from Blackberry Alley
Blake, Darby Fells Servant in Fellsmarch Castle
Bricker, Mick Fells A Gray Wolf; Warrior cadet at Wien House
Broussard, Father Arden Principia of the Church of Malthus, ally of Geoff in the civil war
Byrne, Amon Fells Commander of the Gray Wolves, cadet at Wien House at Oden’s Ford; son of Edon Byrne 
Byrne, Edon Fells Captain of the Queen’s Guard of the Fells; Amon’s father
Byrne, Dwitte Fells Ancestor of Amon Byrne, attended Wien House, originated use of mounted horsemen
Byrne, Gideon Fells Ancestor of Amon Byrne, attended Wien House, innovated battle strategies
Byrne, Ira Fells Younger son of Edon Byrne; brother to Amon and 
Byrne, Lila Fells Ancestor of Amon Byrne, attended Wien House, designed rapier
Clarissa Fells Former queen, one of the Spirit Mountains
Connor, Shiv Fells Leader of the Southies gang
Demonai, Averill Fells Son of Elena, Trader, and Patriarch of the Demonai Lodge;  former Demonai warrior, Raisa’s father 
Demonai, Elena Fells Matriarch of Demonai Lodge, Raisa’s grandmother; goldsmith and crafter of magical tools
Demonai, Reid Nightwalker Fells Demonai warrior, suitor to Raisa, hot-headed and impulsive, a legendary warrior and womanizer
Demonai, Shilo Trailblazer Fells A Demonai warrior, friend of Nightwalker
Darnleigh Fells Prominent wizard house in Faulk’s book of heraldry; 
Darnleigh, Stefan Fells Classmate of Han’s in Gryphon’s class
deVilliers, Mordra Fells Proficient at Mystwerk, no political sense at all, in Abelard’s Crew. Daughter of Rolph deVilliers, wizard killed by the Demonai; ends up on the Wizard Council 
deVilliers, Randolph Fells Member of the Wizard Council, killed by the Demonai in incident on Hanalea; Mordra’s father
Dobbs, Sarie Fells Member of the Raggers; imprisoned by Mac Gillen, rescued by Raisa
Dunedain, Char Fells Graduate of Wien House, fought as a mercenary in Arden, colonel in the army under Klemath, transferred to the guard.
Dubai, Annamaya Fells A southern islander, tall, sturdy, daughter of a striper (mercenary) in the Fellsian army; a student at the Temple School in Oden’s Ford; betrothed to Amon Byrne

Fells Guardsman, ally of Mac Gillen
Fenwaeter, Cadri Fens Headman of the Waterwalkers in the Shivering Fens
Fenwaeter, Dimitri Fells Headman of the Waterwalkers in the Fens; Amon’s friend; son of Cadri
Flinn   A Ragger, rescued by Raisa from Southbridge Guardhouse after being captured by Mac Gillen
Flitter, Max Fells Gray Wolf, not mentioned as yet in first two books
Fosnaught, Cedric, Father Arden Priest of the Church of Malthus 
Fraser, Lucas Fells Wizard and best friend of Alger Waterlow
Frowsley, Lucius Fells Blind moonshiner and recluse who lives on the slopes of Demonai
Fry, Garret Fells A Gray Wolf; classmate of Amon’s at Oden’s Ford, member of the Queen’s Guard; orphan from We’enhaven
Gillen, Mac Fells Sergeant in the Queen’s Guard assigned to Southbridge Guardhouse (DK) and The West Wall (EQ)
Graves, Donnell Fells Husband to Lydia Byrne; brother-in-law of Amon Byrne; a merchant
Gray, Magret Fells Nurse to Raisa and Mellony 
Gray, Velvet Fells Ragger gang member, Cat’s boyfriend; nephew to Magret Gray
Greenholt, Pearlie Arden, Oden’s Ford Ardenine weaponsmaster of Wien House; Talia’s lover; becomes a Gray Wolf when she accompanies Talia north to the Fells in GWT
Gryphon, Adam Fells Wizard and member of the Wizard Council
Gryphon, Farrold Fells Head of Gryphon House, powerful wizard house, father of Adam
Gryphon, Alexa Fells Mother of Adam, wife of Farrold
Hadron, Timus Oden’s Ford Proficient in  Mystwerk House, wizards’ School at Oden’s Ford
Hakkam, Jon Fells Brother to Melissa, cousin to Raisa
Hakkam, Lassiter Fells Father of Melissa and Jon, uncle by marriage to Raisa and Mellony; head of the Council of Nobles
Hakkam, Melissa (Missy) Fells Sister to Jon, cousin and lady in waiting to Raisa
Hammersmith Fells Servant at the Wizard Council House on Gray Lady
Hammond, Lila Fells Wizard and apprentice to Harriman Vega, Director of the Healer’s Halls in Fellsmarch
Hanalea ana’Maria Fells Queen of the Fells at the time of the Breaking, legendary beauty and wise ruler
Harrower, Mark Fells A Gray Wolf; not mentioned in first two books
Hayden  Fire Dancer Fells Son of Willo, Matriarch of Marisa Pines Camp, friend of Han Alister’s 
Heresford, Amalie Arden Heiress to Heresford Castle, daughter and heir of Brighton Heresford
Heresford, Brighton Arden Thane of Arden, executed by Gerard Montaigne during the Civil War
Heresford, Rafe Arden Refugee from the civil war in Arden, suitor to Mellony
Jemson, Roff Fells Speaker of the Southbridge Temple; teacher of Han Alister
Jonas Fells Member of the Raggers, older boy
Karn, Marin Arden Commander of Gerard Montaigne’s army in the civil wars
Kinley, Rush Fells Heir to Kinley House, the third great house of wizardry
Klemath, Bron Fells General of the Queen’s Armies under Marianna 
Klemath, Keith Fells Suitor to Raisa, nobility of the Fells
Klemath, Kip   Suitor to Raisa, nobility of the Fells
Lancaster, Hadria Fells Wizard murdered in Ragmarkeet
Leili Fens Aunt of Dimitri and counselor to the ruler of the Waterwalkers
Leontus, Master Oden’s Ford Gifted healer and teacher, master of the Healer’s Halls at Oden’s Ford
Mackney, Taz Fells Dealer in rare objects in South Bridge Market; heavy
Mander, Arkeda Fells Wizard and cousin to Micah sul’Bayar, younger brother
Mander, Cole Fells Uncle to Micah, father of Miphis and Arkeda Mander; on the Wizard Council
Mander, Miphis Fells Cousin to Micah; elder of the two brothers 
Manhold, Arno Fells Ship-owner from Chalk Cliffs;  suitor to Melissa Hakkam
Mara, Wode Fells A Gray Wolf; classmate of Amon Byrne at Oden’s Ford, member of the Queen’s Guard; he had a girl back in Chalk Cliffs, and was saving up to marry her; killed at Tamron Court by Markus
Marianna ana’Lissa Fells Raisa’s mother, Queen of the Fells; 
Matelon, Arschel Arden Thane of Arden; supporter of Gerard Montaigne in the civil wars
Mathis, Wil Fells Young wizard at Fellsmarch Castle in Marianna’s reign; friend of Micah Bayar’s; suitor to Fiona Bayar; killed by Gerard Montaigne
Mawker, Robbie Fells Sergeant of the Castle Close Guardhouse
Montaigne, Geoff Arden Second eldest Montaigne brother, Prince of Arden; heir after Henri
Montaigne, Gerard Arden Youngest Montaigne brother, Prince of Arden
Montaigne, Godfrei Arden Third eldest Montaigne brother, Prince of Arden
Montaigne, Henri Arden Eldest Montaigne brother, original heir to Arden’s throne murdered at beginning of civil war
Montaigne, Lisette Arden Sister of Gerard Montaigne, Princess of Arden
Montaigne, Lothaire Arden Second youngest of the Montaigne princes, died as a child
Northrup, Jed The Fells Member of the Raggers; held in Southbridge Guardhouse
Ragger Fells Han’s mountain pony given to him by the Spirit Clans
Raisa (Briar Rose) ana’Marianna Fells Princess Heir, then Queen of the Fells; Averill Demonai’s daughter; also goes by Rebecca Morley and Brianna Trailmaker
Redfern, Horas Fells Speaker of the Cathedral Temple
Regina Fells The last free queen of the old line
Riverton, Luther Fells Steward of the Bayar household
Rutha Oden’s Ford Server on Bridge Street in Oden’s Ford
Sloat, Robbie Fells Guardsman at Southbridge Guardhouse
Switcher Fells Raisa’s horses are all named Switcher
Sweets Fells Member of the Raggers, young boy
Talbot, Asha Fells Hallie’s two-year-old daughter
Talbot, Hallie Fells A Gray Wolf; classmate of Amon Byrne at Oden’s Ford, member of the Queen’s Guard
Tomlin, Liam Tamron Prince of Tamron ; son of Markus, 
Tomlin, Marina Tamron Princess of Tamron 
Tomlin, Marina Fells/ Tamron Princess of Tamron; daughter of Markus, King of Tamron
Tomlin, Markus Tamron King of Tamron, suitor for Raisa’s hand
Tourant, Henri Oden’s Ford Proficient teaching assistant in  Raisa’s class on History of the Seven Realms; from Arden
Tyburn, Cat Fells Ragger gang member, skilled blader, assassin; 
Vega, Harriman Fells Wizard healer, director of the healing halls at Fellsmarch
Willo Watersong Fells (Clans) Matriarch of Marisa Pines Camp; healer and herbalist; mother of Hayden Fire Dancer